By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju and Doyin Odebowale

Very few are endowed with the munificence of virtue, not feigned or acted. Of all the great gifts mortals crave from those above, humility stands out as the hallmark of deep knowledge. Courage, that rare ability to cast aside equivocation and obscurantism, the shining armour against specious posturing, aptly described as foolhardiness, the very antithesis to cowardly dissembling and grandstanding, a marker of moral excellence, is a very scarce gift in this clime.

Aketi, the brand, who epitomizes this virtue, towers above many and remains a bulwark against acts of gross moral turpitude and recklessness. This symbol leaves no room for any doubt on issues at all times. It is not enough to challenge oddities when convenient. The ability to uphold rectitude when confronted with ethical dilemmas confirms the moral standing of an individual.

Patriotism is not measured simply by vacuous avowals. The ability to challenge any act, which stands at variance with collective aspirations towards the advancement of the society, confirms the position of a person whose existence is dedicated to altruism. Speaking out at difficult moments is evidence of moral courage. Staying through with the conviction on the justness of a cause, regardless of who holds a contrary opinion, distinguishes courage from foolhardiness.

Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON, remains committed to the defence of ethical principles. His position is anchored, firmly, on conviction. Group solidarity is of little significance. He speaks and acts. He remains the quintessential gentleman of the Bar, an unyielding advocate of the masses.

We join the multitude of well-wishers, particularly the good people of Ondo State, to congratulate the amiable and brave Aketi, the people’s General, on his birthday.

O ba, o ba ni a nba Oke. Ko ko ko ni ara Okuta nle!

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