A Nigerian said to be a pastor in Birmingham has been accused of defrauding innocent immigrants in the UK on Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).

The man, whose name cannot be ascertained as at the time of filing this report, was said to have collected money from over 400 people with the promise to issue them a COS that will make them eligible to work in the UK.

However, it was gathered that while he issued a few of them fake COS, others are yet to get theirs.

In a viral video on Instagram, the man was seen telling the people that the UK government “removed” the license of issuing COS from his company.

Though many claimed the man knew he couldn’t issue COS to the number of people he collected money from, even when it was free, he did it with the intention of scamming the people.

While the fate of those affected hangs in the balance, as their visa might be revoked at any time, TheReports is still trying to find out what really happened.

Below is a link to the video on Instagram:

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