British-Born Baby Faces Deportation Due to Immigration Technicality

A heart-wrenching case of a British-born baby, Massah, facing deportation from the UK has sparked concerns about the strict enforcement of immigration rules. Despite her parents living legally in the UK, a family holiday abroad triggered a requirement for Massah to apply for a child-dependent visa from outside the country.

Massah’s father, Mohammad, a PhD student from Jordan, and her mother, who came to the UK as his dependant, have been living legally in the UK since 2021. However, their application for a child-dependent visa was rejected due to the family’s recent holiday abroad. The Home Office has ordered Massah to “immediately leave the UK” and re-apply for a visa from Jordan, citing the need to maintain the integrity of immigration laws.

Mohammad and his wife are devastated by the decision, worrying about the current instability in the Middle East and the potential risk of their application being refused even if they re-apply from Jordan. Despite seeking support from their MP and lawyers, they have made no progress in appealing the decision. Mohammad expressed his distress, saying, “I can’t imagine how I can tell her the story in the future that the country you were born in asked you to leave when you were just a year old.”

A Home Office spokesperson emphasized that all visa applications are carefully considered on their individual merits and that they are working closely with the family to provide support and direction. However, the case highlights the strict enforcement of the UK’s immigration policy, which has been a core commitment by the government to reduce the number of people coming to the country.

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