A beautiful morning to you, my Powerful and good People of Ondo State. As the time is drawing nigh, we need to remind you once again, the type of Leader/Occupant we want on the Number One Stool of this great and Sunshine State, embodied with highly Intelligent Men, Women and Youths capable of, and greatly prepared to contribute their Fruitful and Progressive quota to enhance the Unstoppable Democratic and Developmental Programmes of Our Next Governor, OTUNBA DR. PAUL AKINTELURE.

As a matter of fact, Ondo State is a place of Pride, full of great people of High Intelligence, needs to be Governed by a Man of Undented Integrity and Character.

✔️ OTUNBA DR. PAUL AKINTELURE is the one at the realm of the Integrity Ondo State want, come 2024.
✔️A Man of his Words, Believer of True Democratic Policies.
Let us come together and keep the HOPE alive as we ✔️ote OUR MAIN MAN, OTUNBA DR. PAUL AKINTELURE AS NEXT GOVERNOR, ONDO STATE.


DPA Media and Information Team

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