President of the Senate arm of the National Association of Ondo State Students (NAOSS), Hammed Oyelade, has declared his intention to contest as the global President of the association.

Oyelade, who made the declaration at a press briefing held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre, Akure on Monday said his ambition is borne out of passion to serve, coupled with his wealth of experience, which will be useful in proffering amelioration to the myriads of challenges confronting the association.

He said: “I have been consulting across boards and I will still continue with my consultation until we arrive at the desired destination. My ambition is borne out of passion to serve and I have come with a wealth of experience, which will be useful in proffering amelioration to the myriads of challenges confronting our association.

“However, permit me to preface this declaration by baring my mind on some salient National Issues in our country and Africa at large. I am of the firm conviction that our actions and inactions today will affect us directly especially when we realized that as young Nigerians our prosperity or otherwise is substantially dependent on our nation. Therefore, we must take active part in decision making, including airing our opinion when the need arises with a view to pursuing a common goal”.

On the ECOWAS planned military action in Niger Republic, Oyelade said, “As the 7 days ultimatum given by the ECOWAS led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the coupist in Niger Republic elapsed yesterday, I wish to advise against the use of Military Action in handling the Niger issue. Recall that on 26th July, 2023, the Commander of the Presidential Guard in Niger Republic, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, toppled President Mohamed Bazoum, in a well organized military coup.

“President Bola Tinubu, as the ECOWAS chairman, may have done well with his swift meeting with other West African leaders, but an ultimatum given to Tchiani that Bazoum must be reinstated or else, a strong military force will invade Niger Republic to forcefully reinstate him, may not be strategic enough.

“In as much that(sic) President Bola Tinubu may be trying to play the “Big Brother” role with the intention to reinstate Nigeria’s “Giant” status in Africa, we must be careful of the consequences that follows. First is the question of what benefit will the invasion of Niger be to our country and Niger herself economically, politically and even socially?.. Moreso that the Niger citizens are seen on the streets jubilating the Military takeover. Don’t we have enough internal challenges to solve in Nigeria? Is war always the first option in this kind of situation?

“It is incontrovertible that here in Nigeria, we are passing through a very turbulent phase, ranging from food scarcity, unemployment, financial crisis, hike in food prices, exorbitant fuel prices, no light, cash crash, Insecurity (Boko Haram, Banditry, kidnapping), internet fraud and many more.. Yes, we are still struggling with the fuel subsidy withdrawal, deregulation of the Naira, and Tertiary Education. So, Mr President shouldn’t add salt to our injury(sic). Any war adventure to Niger Republic with full military power will only spell doom.

The students’ leader noted that the problems in Niger should be seen as their internal challenges that can be better resolved diplomatically.

“In as much that I am not supporting military coup in Niger, President Tinubu must be calculative and avoid any action capable of collapsing ECOWAS. now that countries like Mali, Burkina Faso and others are identifying with Niger. Russia and China are also known super powers.. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is still an endless war. Therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to go into war at the moment.

Speaking on the palliatives by the Ondo State government to cushion the effect of subsidy removal, the aspirant called for proper monitoring for effective implementation process so that the masses who are the target beneficiaries will not be sidelined.

On his plan for NAOSS, Oyelade said, “It is my desire to work with a strategic team of NAOSSites to come up with a uniform identity as NAOSS Anthem, which shall bring out our uniqueness as an association in line with the Association’s Core Values.

“I shall synergize with experts in relevant fields of specialization to support Naossites in attaining desired skills that would engender capacity building. Digital Skills Training (Virtual & Physical) We shall strive to update our members with requisite digital skills that will enable NAOSSites compete favorably with their contemporaries all over the world.

“Away from the previous trend, we shall create an atmosphere, even if it is “One Day” to be set aside so that NAOSSites (through all round representatives) will have exhaustive Interactive Session with Mr Govemor, so as bare our minds on issues affecting our communal coexistence.

“NAOSS Sports Festival with special focus on football competition tagged “Governor’s Cup” shall be introduced on annual basis. The instrumentality of Sports is an innovative means through which students with such talents can be projected. The rewards for schools and individuals with outstanding performance shall be worth the while.

“While embarking on full rebranding and image perception management of NAOSS, we shall be providing a platform upon which our gifted members can maximize their writing cum journalism skills. With NAOSS TV, there shall be adequate and timely information dissemination.

Our members who are socially and financially challenged shall be given a helping hand via fund raising and other forms of grants that will help ameliorate their problems. This will include Support for Students’ Tuition Fees; Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and others”, he stressed.

Oyelade also explained that he plans to create an emergency response unit to attend to exigent issues where the association’s helpline or call lines will be made available to all NAOSSites across the globe and shall get immediate responses whenever they call.

He said other plans include: “NAOSS National Tech. Summit (Exhibition Included); Security Summit; Economic Summit; Aligning Indigenous Associations Under The Cabinet of The President (Committee of Presidents); Leadership Retreat; Bursary and Scholarship; Skill Acquisition

“In all these dealings, I promise to be Transparent, Accountable, and remain Trustworthy. You have tested me as your Senate President and my records are there for public scrutiny. That I have presided over a progressive and result oriented NAOSS parliament cannot be overemphasized. If you elect me as your president, I am surely going to do more. This I am promising”, Oyelade added.

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