Journalist Escapes Injury After Stray Bullet Incident at Kano Govt House

In a harrowing turn of events, Naziru Idris Ya’u, a dedicated correspondent with Abubakar Rimi Television stationed at Kano State Government House, narrowly dodged tragedy on Friday evening. A stray bullet unexpectedly struck him while he was within the premises of the Government House.

The startling incident, which occurred around 6:30 pm, left many questions unanswered as security personnel and Government House officials remained tight-lipped about its origin as of Saturday morning.

Swift action followed as Nazir Ya’u was promptly rushed to the Government House clinic for urgent medical attention. Thankfully, medical staff at the clinic reported that the journalist was fortunate as the bullet hadn’t been fired at close range, minimizing the severity of his injuries.

In the wake of the incident, police officers stationed at the Government House launched an immediate investigation to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

At the time of compiling this report, neither the Kano Government House nor the State Police Command had issued an official statement regarding the distressing event, leaving many anxiously awaiting further updates.

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