Lagos Government’s Demolition Approach is Inhumane, says Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party’s governorship candidate in Lagos State, has condemned the recent demolitions carried out by the Lagos State government, describing the approach as inhumane. In an interview with ARISE NEWS, Rhodes-Vivour expressed concerns over the demolitions in Mende Estate, highlighting the government’s lack of empathy and precision in its approach.

Rhodes-Vivour argued that the demolitions, which affected entire rows of buildings, showed a lack of clinical precision and empathy. He emphasized the need for constructive solutions, pointing out that the government had failed to implement projects aimed at improving waterways and sewage systems despite substantial budget allocations.

The government’s approach, Rhodes-Vivour said, demonstrates a lack of understanding of the impact on citizens. He stressed the importance of compensating affected victims and exploring alternative solutions like rehousing. The demolitions have raised concerns about the government’s approach to urban planning and its treatment of citizens, with many calling for a more humane and constructive approach.

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