National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu Highlights President Tinubu’s Northern-focused Cabinet Appointments

Ribadu stresses strategy to address Northern challenges

In a recent address in Sokoto, National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu underscored President Bola Tinubu’s deliberate choice of appointing individuals from the northern region to key governmental positions. Ribadu’s remarks shed light on Tinubu’s strategic approach to tackling issues prevalent in the northern part of Nigeria.

During his speech, Ribadu emphasized Tinubu’s commitment to addressing challenges in the northern region by appointing northerners to oversee critical portfolios within the government. “At the time he (Tinubu) was forming this government, he said the North was very dear to his heart that he would do everything to address its challenges,” Ribadu stated.

Ribadu outlined the significant positions held by northerners in Tinubu’s administration, including roles in security, defense, agriculture, education, health, and foreign affairs. He pointed out that Tinubu’s appointments aimed to empower northerners and improve the region’s fortunes.

Furthermore, Ribadu highlighted the administration’s achievements in addressing security concerns across the country. He noted the successful resolution of student abductions and the elimination of key bandit leaders, attributing the improved security situation to the government’s proactive measures.

Ribadu also commended the administration’s efforts in restoring peace in the Niger Delta and addressing unrest in the eastern part of the country. He emphasized the administration’s commitment to effective governance and urged northerners to unite and contribute to the betterment of the region and Nigeria as a whole.

In conclusion, Ribadu reiterated the government’s dedication to delivering tangible results and expressed optimism for the future of Nigeria under Tinubu’s leadership. “We will continue to work. We are not jokers. We are serious and, in Sha Allah, Nigeria will see the difference,” he affirmed.

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