A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Mayowa Akinfolarin, on Wednesday, said he decided to join the governorship race in Ondo state to bring succour and relief to the people of the state.

Akinfolarin who disclosed this while speaking with journalists in Akure, Ondo state capital, said there has been disconnect between the government and the people of the state since the beginning of the present political dispensation in the State.

He, however, promised to put in place and implement practical governance to address the developmental challenges of the state, saying “this informs my decision to vie for the governorship seat of the state in 2024”.

Akinfolarin, a two term national Assembly member, maintained that his experience, capacity, and knowledge are some of the factors that separate him from anyone desirous of becoming the governor in the state.

According to him, the focal areas of the projects he would give priority to will include agriculture, health, education, social investment and economic empowerment.

Akinfolarin, a former deputy speaker of the State Assembly, said “People no longer have interest in the government. There is a huge disconnect between the government and the people. By the time, we get in, we will listen to what the people are yearning for. I offer myself to the people”.

He said past governments in the state have done their best, but they have neglected their leaders who are supposed to help in the development of the state.

He noted that the state should be one of the most prosperous states in the country because 70 percent of the citizens live in an agrarian environment, but lamented that the leaders always award contracts that benefit them, not the people.

His words: “Many aspirants are talking about Deep-Sea Port, Bitumen. But they neglect farming which is capable of giving jobs to many citizens. I will run a joint ticket with leaders of the state.

“Although we have so many people on the ground, my case is different, if you look at the state of affairs in the State, you will all agree with me that Ondo state needs to reconfigure the political terrain of this state because successive governments have been trying their best but you will ask this fundamental question, why are we in this situation today?

“We are here because of the long neglect on the part of our leaders, misplacement of priority because if we look at the economic situation of this state, ordinarily, you will know that Ondo state is the most prosperous state in this country because we have so many things that can make us great.

“Ondo State is where 70 percent population is engaged in farming. But nobody is paying serious attention to that, all we are doing is to bring projects that will bring money, and we don’t pay attention to something that will benefit us.”

Akinfolarin said he is properly rooted in the affairs of the state and has what it takes to govern the State, and with the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Some of us think that we need to come together to move the state forward. We all know that President Tinubu is committed to the development of this state, and some of his decisions may not be palatable but we will all benefit from it when the decision starts to yield a good result.

“Based on my experience and antecedent, I have navigated both the economic and political terrain of Ondo State, I know what governance is, and I know what can be done to give succour, and hope to our people.

“People no longer have confidence in what the government is doing, we need someone to energize the system, we need someone to give assurance, we need someone to let us know that this government is our government.

“We are coming out to give hope, we are coming out to make some corrections, all the past and present administrations have done their best. But for me, I need to reconfigure this state and by the time I get the votes of the people of this state, I know that they will be very happy having me as their governor.

“I want to offer myself now to be the governor of this state to serve the good people of Ondo state, and with what Mr. President is doing in this country, we need someone who will complement his efforts here in Ondo state.

“I am properly prepared for this job. I am the most suitable for the job. I have been a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly, National Library Board, and House of Representatives for eight years, I was made the Chairman of the House Committee on Road Safety, so I have devoted my time and life to serve this state and Nigeria as a whole.

“I’m ready to pay serious attention to agriculture, we need to give support to our farmers, by giving them seedlings and things that will make them very productive in the state.

“We must be practical this time around, time for rhetorics is gone. We must know what works for us and what will not work. Our people simply need purposeful leadership. Someone they can entrust their future in his hands and go to sleep. This is why I am running.

“We are going to be very strategic and systematic in whatever we are going to do, we are going to prioritize our programmes, we are going to give attention to every class of the society that needs it. We must give adequate attention to our farmers for them and the state to be prosperous.

“Also, women are going to play a very prominent role when I become the governor of this state.

“I have asked God before declaring my intention to contest the forthcoming governorship election, and that’s why I tagged the project as ‘Ise-Oluwa’, the work of God. So God will take absolute control.”

Akinfolarin, who also spoke on the death of late governor of the state, said; “we will be very unkind to Aketi if nothing is done to immortalize him.

“This was a man that came with good intentions, he did his best, he was not a pretender, he was a practical person and ensured not only the state but the entire southwest region was safe through the Amotekun Corps.

“I am the bridge between successive governments, having been a key part of the late Dr Olusegun Agagu government and that of Dr Olusegun Mimiko. I know where the gaps are and I know how to fill it in.”

Culled from tribuneonlineng.com

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