The prolonged absence of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu due to incapacitation has left citizens of Ondo State grappling with the consequences of a leadership vacuum. With the law clearly stipulating that the deputy governor, Mr lucky Aiyedatiwa, should step in, the delay caused by a faction within the government seeking to keep the absent governor in power for their own interests only deepens the uncertainty and frustration among the public.

As essential government functions stall and critical decisions remain in abeyance, citizens bear the brunt of this political tug-of-war. Basic services, timely policy implementations, and crisis management all hang in the balance, amplifying the daily challenges faced by the people.

Moreover, the erosion of trust in governance is palpable as citizens witness a deviation from established legal protocols. The apparent prioritization of political power over the welfare of the populace raises concerns about the integrity of democratic institutions and the protection of citizens’ rights.

In this unsettling atmosphere, the call for swift resolution and adherence to constitutional norms resonates among citizens who seek stability, transparency, and accountable leadership. The impact on the everyday lives of people cannot be overstated, emphasizing the pressing need for a resolution that respects the rule of law and prioritizes the collective well-being of the community.

Oluyemi Fasipe @Yemiefash

Youth Advocate, Media Personality.

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