Youths from Owo local government, hometown of the immediate past governor of Ondo state, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has requested that one of them be chosen to deputise Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

The youths, under the aegis of Owo Renaissance Group, in a statement made available to TheReports, “Governor Ayedatiwa picking his deputy from Ondo North, precisely from Owo, will… be a masterstroke in political calculation”.

The group said they are confident that their candidate, Toyyib Musa-Omoloja, possesses “admirable virtues that are nothing but embodiment of excellence”.

Below is the full text of the statement.



Life is amazing and it could be quite mysterious. It offers no exactitude in prognostications, and sometimes it could defy the wildest imagination of mortals.

Nobody thought that our late Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON will bid farewell to the world of mortals so unexpectedly. But we found solace in the indelible footprints that he left in the sands of time. The Amotekun Generalissimo served his people to the best of his ability. May his soul find repose in the bosom of His Lord

Societal development is not as mystical as life, because as against the deep spirituality that gets enmeshed with the material nature of existence, governance is more empirical, and hence predictable.

This predictability in governance outcomes is a reality that could be foreseen from the quality of people leading the affairs of a particular society.

In Ondo State, we are fortunate to have an amiable Governor in His Excellency, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa. Morning shows the day as childhood shows the man says our forbears. From what he has done within the little time he took over the mantle of leadership in Ondo State, we can predict fairly accurately that his administration will be a blessing to the Sunshine State

In this voyage of service to the people, there is no scintilla of doubt that a loyal, dependable and intelligent deputy will be sine qua non to the success of Governor Ayedatiwa as he completes the tenure he shares with his deceased boss, Governor Akeredolu

Governor Ayedatiwa picking his deputy from Ondo North, precisely from Owo, will not only be a masterstroke in political calculation but also a humane and considerate decision that will continue to echo till eternity. Such action will portray Governor Ayedatiwa as a man of conscience, and an exemplary leader that could be relied upon come rain come shine

But because we are a youth organisation, we are of the considered opinion that the next Deputy Governor should, among other things, satisfy certain criteria that we consider indispensable in moving the state forward, as well as assisting Mr. Governor to actualise his lofty agenda for Ondo State.

Youthfulness and vibrancy will, in no small measure, add fillip to the stride of the administration in shouldering the huge responsibility of governance, in addition to being an added advantage in connecting and mobilising the youth demographic in the state

Social involvement is a barometer that measures the extent of concern an individual has towards societal development. And it majorly thrives on passion for paradigm shift and sustained hunger for growth and development in scalable and meaningful way. A deputy with track record of recognisable social involvement and community development clearly will be an asset to the government

Competence cannot be overemphasised in governance. Leadership competence determines the success or failure of any society. Gone were the days when some people believed that anybody can be a political leader regardless of competence and other associated requirements. Such opinion was quite erroneous and fallacious. Effective leadership is hinged on knowledge and action. A blind man cannot navigate the way for others. Remarkable intellect is an asset in leadership particularly when it comes in the company of other great virtues. Therefore, top-notch intellectualism is a desideratum in pushing our state to a prime position in the comity of states in Nigeria

Loyalty, reliability and cooperation are the building blocks of meaningful relationship, synergy and collaboration that should normally exist in government. Politicians of all hues can reel off on their fingertips the benefits of loyalty and reliability among associates. Nowhere is the importance of these virtues so pronounced than in the relationship between a Chief Executive and his or her deputy. Such virtues facilitate decision-making, make governance superb and seamless, and deliver fantastic outcomes for the people. Loyalty and reliability are virtues that Governor Ayedatiwa must tick in the score card of his deputy

Patriotism is the elixir that drives citizens passion for development. The difference between a successful nation and a tottering one could be located in the quantum and quality of patriotism resident in the hearts of her citizens. Mr. Governor needs a true patriot as his deputy so as to deliver effortlessly, life abundant, for the good people of Ondo State.

We have scouted around, and we have found a young man who possesses all these qualities, and other admirable virtues that are nothing but embodiment of excellence. And the young man is Toyyib Musa-Omoloja.

As an organisation that desires the best for Ondo State, and for your government sir, we hereby present Toyyib Musa-Omoloja for your consideration as the Deputy Governor of Ondo State. We strongly believe Toyyib Musa-Omoloja is a gift from God to you.

Congratulations Governor Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa



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