Providing an Exemplary Leadership Quality: A reflection of Deputy Governor, Chief Olaide Adelami’s Courage and Determination.

Leadership is a reflection of your character and characteristics in projecting and advancing the interest of your followers by prioritizing peace and harmony among them.

The Ondo State Deputy Governor, Chief Olaide Adelami, mni, has indeed courageously united all interests in his home town (Owo) and brought everyone under his umbrella for the interest of the kingdom.

We can now proudly and confidently say the kingdom has a Leader and personality in whom we speak as a united and indivisible entity.

This is as a result of the unprecedented commitment and dedication of our Deputy Governor, Chief Olaide Adelami, mni in ensuring that the kingdom is put on the path of development and growth.

We now have a united Owo that works for the interest of all.

This unity of purpose among Sons and Daughters of the kingdom will indeed transform into votes comes November, 2024 when the State is set to elect who Governs them in the next dispensation.

Chief Olaide Adelami mni has put to use his humility and simplicity to solve the problem of division in the Kingdom.

We now have a Community free of crises and a united house ready to win together.

Chief Olaide Adelami, mni is a new breed of Progressive whose personality remains unquestionable.

He is a refined Democrat and a Man of considerable prominence,a reputable and resourceful leader.

Owo People have spoken in one voice and made a unanimous decision to align with the Deputy Governor, Chief Olaide Adelami mni in helping his principal actualise his cardinal objective of moving the state to higher level with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Chief Olaide Adelami mni has brought to practical reality the “Owo is One”

Owo is truly One under Chief Olaide Adelami ,mni and nothing will make the kingdom abandon one of his prominent drivers of progressive politics and development.

Time for Owo people to be more united cannot be more auspicious than now.


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