Dear Comrades, I bring you good tidings.
My name is Adegboyega Ezekiel Afe, popularly known as Erosion, the leading candidate for the position of the Coordinator of our noble network, ONDO STATE YOUTH NETWORK (OSYN).

My decision to take over the mantle of leadership at this critical time in the life of our association is borne out of my desire to see us have a network that truly promotes leadership qualities in members; is an envy of other youth associations; and a legacy we can all look back to later in life and be proud of being part of.
This is why we chose the mantra: #RaiseTheBar.

If given the opportunity to serve, I will #RaiseTheBar of leadership in OSYN and reposition our association to the envy of others. Having led various organisations and succeeded, I am bringing practical experience to bear in leading OSYN to an enviable position. My administration will be laying a solid foundation for other mind-blowing achievements by:

1) Registering OSYN with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
My administration will make giving OSYN a corporate identity its priority. We shall ensure quick registration of the association to make it a legally recognized entity in the country.
Before we get OSYN registered with the CAC, the following will be put in place:
a) A verifiable address, which means there will be a befitting office for the association where all correspondences can be forwarded to, and members can always visit.

b) A database showing the list of all members, their highest academic qualifications, course of study, occupation, gender, state (or country) of residence and every other necessary detail. This will enable us make data-driven decisions like linking members to available opportunities and also having access to the wealth of experience of members doing well in their chosen endeavours.

c) A bank account in the name of OSYN at Globus Bank, as we have one of us working there as a senior staff member with years of experience in the banking industry. This is part of our administration’s dedication to engaging and patronising our members.

2) We shall re-introduce weekly intellectual debates to stimulate our passion for learning and using the opportunity to proffer solutions to sociopolitical and economic problems in the state and the country at large. Resolutions will be drafted from these debates and published with the help of our members who are members of the pen-pushing profession and also on the association’s website.

3) Regular training on interpersonal (soft) skills and some hard skills will be introduced to increase productivity of our members. We shall engage some of us as facilitators and bring in external facilitators when necessary.

4) Robust engagement with relevant stakeholders across the board will be done to give OSYN a good footing in promoting and achieving our goals. We shall leave no stone unturned in completing this task.

All these we shall ensure we get done before the end of the 1st six (6) months of our administration, with proper briefing of members on every step we take, as your support and participation in these activities are key to achieving them.

5) In line with our #RaiseTheBar agenda we will put in place a framework that aids members’ growth and development. In doing this, we will work with relevant stakeholders and members of this network to establish a cooperative society structured towards helping members improve their finances.

6) My administration will liaise with relevant public and private organizations to source spaces for our members to attend relevant value-adding conferences, workshops, and seminars, while also striving to get job placements for those seeking it. It is what I have done before, and will continue to do.

7) It is my belief that our members in different parts of the country and other parts of the world must have access to the day-to-day activities of the association without hindrance. It is on this note I promise to offer myself, our secretariat, and our functional website (all of which will be in place within a few weeks of getting into office) as a point of convergence for all members of OSYN worldwide. I strongly believe being on ground will enable me do the needed work to lay a solid foundation to enable us have an association that can have its coordinator in any part of the world as s/he will be coming on board to inherit a 21st century compliant.

8) In line with the 5th line of the Nigerian national anthem that “the labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain”, my administration shall create a section on our website to honour the brains that brought the idea of creating the association to fruition along with past leaders of the network. There shall also be a section of our secretariat dedicated to the display of their pictures. This is to encourage those who will aspire to lead the association tomorrow that their names will not be forgotten.


These are my immediate plans in ensuring OSYN has a strong footing that will bring about the much needed transformation. I offer myself for service to ensure that we #RaiseTheBar of leadership in OSYN to set a standard that other leaders after me cannot compromise. While I give myself to you as the messenger-in-chief, let us not forget that it is your cooperation and support that will make these dreams possible.
It is high time we jettisoned too much talk for real action backed by track records of success.
Together, we shall make OSYN great.

Thank you all and God bless.

Adegboyega E. Afe
Leading Candidate for OSYN Coordinator.

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