The Head of Station, Crest 106.1FM, Akure, Mr Godday Ighoteguono, has bagged “The Ondo State Media Personality of the Year” award for the year 2023.

The award was presented to him by foremost veteran broadcaster, Tolu Adedayo, on behalf of KaMT Media World in Celebration of Adekunle Adewumi Kekeawada’s 20 Years Behind the Microphone.

Ighoteguono has been decorated as “Media Personality of the Year”, “Best Broadcaster of the Year” and “Best Newscaster of the Year” by over six different organisations in the last twelve months, including the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Ondo state council, The Precision Magazine, Leadership Excellence And Dignity (LEAD), and the Ondo State Media Award team.

In a chat with TheReports, Ighoteguono listed some things people don’t really know about him.

The Urhobo broadcaster who speaks impeccable English and Yoruba languages explained that he can also speak his native Urhobo, Ondo and Akure dialects fluently.

See the list below for other things you need to know about him:

1. I’m funnier than many so called Stand Up Comedians
The truth of the matter is, so many people have asked me several times to build a career in comedy, that’s because I can be very funny when I want to. But so many people may not know that part of me, most especially if we are not close.

2. I hate FRIED RICE
Well, I used to love fried rice until sometimes in my JSS 3 class when our Food and Nutrition teacher asked us to prepare Fried Rice as Practical for our Exam. People of God, we made a mess of the food owing to several instructions and directives from many self acclaimed chefs among us. For three whole days I was a perpetual visitor to any available toilet. Since that day, I so detest FRIED RICE.

3. I’m a good cook
Not so many people know I can cook for Africa (smiles), but few people who I’ve worked with one time or the other, most especially during my days at Adaba FM and early part of Orange FM before I got married, can testify to my cooking prowess. If you’re still in doubt though, kindly ask Mummy Queen, she will clear your doubts (laughing).

4. I have a knack for respecting people
I’m someone who’s given to respecting people a lot. I can choke people with Sir and Ma. I thank God for my upbringing, my parents will almost kill you for disrespecting your mates, let alone people older than you. People who know me quite well, know I don’t disrespect people, even those I’m older than, I approach them with utmost respect and regard.

5. I am a die-hard morning person

Believe it or not, I haven’t woken up past 7a.m. in over 10 years. I’m normally up latest by 5 a.m. either I’m on or off duty. I guess my kind of job configured me that way and I’m not complaining at all (smiling).

6. I don’t like horror movies at all
I detest horror movie like I’m going to die of I ever see any. I remember stumbling on one vampire/zombie movie a couple of years ago, for several nights I wouldn’t stop dreaming of the few scenes I stumbled on. If you’re looking for someone to watch horror movie with, it’s sure not me.

7. I hug people and smile a lot
I hug people and smile so much, that people around me don’t even wait for me to open my arms before they hug me themselves.

8. I speak Ondo dialect fluently
Though I hail from Kokori, Ethiope East Area of Delta state, I speak Ondo dialect fluently, cos I had my primary and second studies in Ondo Kingdom. That however does not mean I can’t speak my Urhobo dialect fluently too though.

9. I trust people easily
Though I’ve had my fingers burnt several times for trusting people easily, but I consider it an innate ability, otherwise, I should never trust people so easily again. But I guess I’m just wired that way.

10. I get angry, but not so easily
The Yorubas describe as a bastard, one who sees reasons to get angry but does not, and one who is angry but will never hearken to pleas for him to stop being angry. Being human, I get angry too, but would have been provoked beyond my elastic limit before getting angry. And as soon as I say my mind, that’s all.

11. I hate pretenders, cos I don’t pretend
I detest chameleon-like human beings around me. I’m an Apostle of you standing with what/who you believe in. Not the Fairweather type of people. Say your mind and let’s know what you believe in.

12. I don’t joke with food
Apart from the air I breath, the next thing I can’t do without is food. When I’m hungry I don’t listen to anything again. No matter the level of my anger over anything, I must eat. Only sickness (serious one) can make me not to eat. Even when I’m fighting you, I will still eat (smiling).

13. I have phobia for snake
I am so scared of snakes that I can’t even stand the sight of any without taking to my heels (laughing).

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