Tragedy Strikes: Nigerian Father Blames Access Bank Mobile App Malfunction for Daughter’s Death

In a devastating incident, a Nigerian father grieves the loss of his 9-year-old daughter, attributing her death to the alleged failure of the Access Bank mobile app.

The heartbreaking account, shared by an individual identified as PIDOMNIGERIA, sheds light on the dire consequences of technological breakdowns during crucial moments.

According to the bereaved father, whose identity remains undisclosed, the inability to transfer funds via the Access Bank mobile app directly impacted his daughter’s fate. Desperately needing medical attention, the child was rushed to a local hospital’s emergency unit. Tragically, she went unattended as her parent struggled with financial constraints caused by the malfunctioning app.

The father, described as a single dad working offshore, recounts his traumatic experience, lamenting how the app’s failure led to the loss of his daughter in a medical emergency. His anguish and disappointment reflect the frustration shared by many who have encountered similar challenges with the bank’s app reliability.

Expressing his grief, the father criticizes Access Bank’s recurrent app issues, condemning the institution’s lack of accountability and explanation for the frequent disruptions. “Access Bank is a complete mess. They constantly face app problems without any justification,” he states.

As the family mourns their devastating loss, concerns arise regarding financial institutions’ responsibility in ensuring the seamless operation of essential services, particularly during emergencies.

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