Usman Ododo-led APC Primary election committee faces criticism over credibility

SUBHEAD: Olusola Oke Campaign Organization Denounces Alleged Sham Primary Election in Ondo State

In a recent press statement, the Olusola Oke Campaign Organisation has vehemently criticized the Usman Ododo-led primary election committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC), accusing them of attempting to portray a sham nomination exercise as credible in Ondo State.

The organization raised concerns over the purported rescheduling of the primary election in Okitipupa Local Government Area, questioning how an election that didn’t occur anywhere in the state could be rescheduled in one of the 18 local government areas. Describing it as a “shameful attempt to give the sham a stamp of credibility,” the organization expressed disappointment in the committee’s actions.

Particularly contentious was the decision to schedule the election for 12:00 noon on a Sunday in Okitipupa Local Government Area, a predominantly Christian area where residents would likely be attending church services. The organization viewed this as an insult to the sensibilities and religious beliefs of the local population, accusing the committee of disenfranchising party members across the state.

The statement also criticized Ododo’s reported endorsement of the primary election process, highlighting his alleged involvement in past electoral fraud and suggesting a lack of democratic credentials. The organization emphasized that the alleged violence, intimidation, and fraudulent practices during the election mirrored the tactics that purportedly secured Ododo’s position as governor of Kogi State.

Expressing dismay over the situation, the Olusola Oke Campaign Organisation declared the events in Ondo State as a “disheartening mockery of democracy,” lamenting the tarnished image of the party in the eyes of both opposition parties and the people of the state.

In a final assertion, the organization rejected the notion of Ododo imposing a candidate on party members through what they described as a “shambolic exercise,” emphasizing the outcome.

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